Nursery Photos

Our first week in the nursery!
Dec 2010
Outside growing benches
All plants are 'hardened off' to ensure they are tough enough to survive in field
Greg and Costa at Youngs Community Garden
Costa planting one of our Apple trees
Costa talking about mulch

Mini Loader

Moving Soil
We are involved with the community garden, here we are filling new raised garden beds.
Narrow access
Cleaning out horse stable
Nursery Work
Narrow access machine, very useful in the nursery
Mulch bucket
Bucket has been modified to allow large volume mulch capacity
Rotary Hoe
Greg is incorporating gypsum to prepare the soil for a citrus grove
Levelling/Spreader Bar
Quick attachment used for final surface levelling
Cement Mixer
Post hole borer

Neringah Gardens

Simoni Poplar Driveway
Gumtree Nursery offers a landscape maintenace service
Formal hedging
Vegie Garden
Peace Garden
Mass Lavender plantings
Water wise garden

Gumtree Plantings

Site preparation
Site preparation; deep ripping and weed control to maximise seedling survival
'Lonsvale' plantings Aug 2010
'Lonsvale' plantings aug 2010
Acacia floribunda (July 2009 planting)
Cargo Road Orange 2010
River Red gum (May 2011 planting)
Only one year old!!
Paddock dam revegetation (May 2011 plantings)
Dam revegetation (May 2011 plantings)
Yellow Box (May 2011 planting)
Blakelyi Red Gum (May planting 2011)
'Lone Pine' plantings (July 2011)
'Burrowa Hills' (drought lot planting July 2011)
Lemon Scented Gum; frost protection
Lemon Scented Gums

Neringah Citrus Grove

Cut from the wilds
A site was selected for the citrus grove and a rough circle slashed.
The site was cross directionally deep ripped. The surface was then covered with compost and ripped again.
This heavy clay soil required serious soil amendment to retain the soil aeration achieved by deep ripping. Gypsum was applied and incorporated with the rotary hoe.
Rotary Hoe
The gypsum was incorporated with the clay site soil
Marking out
The soil was sculpted to achieve a raised arked beds. the raised beds aid drainage and the shape allows even 3m plant spacings, with path. Fruit trees need not be planted in straight lines.
Planting time
The soil was allowed to settle for 1 month and then the time came for planting.
Citrus Grove
Following extensive soil preparation the citrus grove is growing well even though exposed to all the elements; particularly the hot summer winds.