Advanced Trees

*Trees are in pots or bags    
FRUIT TREES                      
ALMOND (Prunus dulcis)                  
Chellaston Popular and easy to grow variety with medium sized, flattened, elliptical soft shelled nuts.  
  Pollinators: Ne Plus Ultra                
Ne Plus Ultra A papershell almond with large, oval shaped nuts. Attractive pink blossoms borne in late winter.
  Versatile Almond used fresh, confectionary, cooking, roastind and blanching. Pollinators: Chellaston
APPLE (Malus domestica)                  
Golden Delicious A popular, deciduous, medium sized tree with large crisp, sweet golden fruit.    
  Mid season maturity. Pollinators: Red Delicious, partially self-fertile.      
Granny Smith A medium sized, deciduous tree, prolific bearer of bright green, crisp, sweet fruit.    
  Pollinators: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Johnathons.        
Pink Lady Enjoy a beautiful spring display of flowers followed by crisp, firm juicy fruit.    
  Cross pollinators Granny Smith and Red Delicious          
Red Delicious A medium to large fruit with crisp, whit, juicy flesh. Heavy cropper mid-season.    
  Pollinator: Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious.        
APRICOT (Prunus armeniaca)                
Newcastle Early A hardy, medium sized deciduous fruit tree with small, yellow fruit, red blush and good flavour.
  Fruit ripens early in the season and is self fertile.          
Trevatt A very high quality, multi-purpose Apricot. Fruit is large, with orange juicy flesh. Self fertile    
CHERRY (Prunus avium)                  
Lapins Large, sweet dark red cherries. Fruit ripen late december with deep black-red skin and firm red flesh.
  This variety is well suited to the home garden as is self fertile with good resistance to splitting.
Sunburst Large, firm, dark red with good flavour and moderately sweet, self-fertile.    
  Mid to late season maturity.                
Stella Deciduous. Heavy fruiting, self pollinating tree.          
  Enjoy fresh or in desserts, jams and pies            
CHESTNUT (Castanea spp.)                    
Emerald Green A large deciduous shade tree with attractive serrated leaves and white flowers in
Summer. Bears edible nuts.
Marone Light Similar to the Emerald Green the Marone light is a large shade tree. The nuts are very tasty and easy peeling.                    
(Morus nigra)
A black mulberry variety, beautiful shade tree. Sets fruit for many months
HAZELNUT (Corylus avellana)- Due to pollination requirements the following 3 varieties are to be purchased together as a set.                    
Tokolyi Brownfield Cosford’ (TBC) This variety has a high yield and performs consistantly well over a range of soils and climatic conditons                    
Barcelona Extremely vigorous, forming a large spreading tree. Good yields of medium to large dark brown nuts.                
Turkish Cosford Produces a flavoursome, thin shelled nut. An excellent pollinator for other hazelnuts.                    
PEACH (Prunus persica)                  
Anzac An early season peach with heavy crops of large, white-fleshed, juicy, free-stone fruit.  
  Ideal for eating fresh or juicing.            
PEAR (Pyrus communis)                  
Packhams Triumph A large, yellow fruiting, deciduous tree with excellent texture and flavour.    
  Pollinators: Josephine de Malines            
PLUM (Prunus salicina)                  
Mariposa Vigorous upright tree, sweet blood plums during summer and autumn.      
  Pollinators: Plumcot, Satsuma, Santa Rosa          
Satsuma A popular Japanese blood plum, with round firm fruit in mid summer.      
  Excellent for all purposes such as bottling, jam and of course eating fresh.    
Santa Rosa A vigorous, upright tree with deliciously sweet, medium to large, yellow fleshed fruits.  
  Clingstone, fruits summer-autumn. Partially self fertile, but excellent pollination with Mariposa.
PLUMCOT This plum/apricot hybrid is one of a new generation of traditionally bred plums with a bright, very sweet flavour,
  does not have the tart aftertaste of many plums; this has been replaced with the aroma of the apricot.
POMEGRANATE (Punica granatum)                  
  Highly decorative, shrubby, deciduous fruit tree to 4m tall with attractive foliage, flowers and fruits.
  The red juice around the pomegranite seeds is prized.        
PRUNE Very sweet, mid to late season prune, prolific bearer. Reddish-purple fruit with juicy yellow flesh.
d'Agen Can be self fertile, suggested pollinators Greengage or Robe de Sargeant.    
ORNAMENTAL TREES                      
Canadian Maple  (Acer rubrum)                    
  A deciduous tree up 15 to 20m tall. Impressive autumn colour with a spreading canopy.                    
Claret Ash (Fraxinus oxycarpa 'Raywood')            
  A medium sized, deciduous tree with attractive, bright claret coloured autumn foliage.  
  Hardy and reliable ornamental tree, ideal for providing shade in the garden and farm.  
Chinese Elm (Ulmus chinensis)                  
  An evergreen tree with smooth glossy leaves and a non suckering, almost weeping growth habit.
  An ideal ornamental tree for providing shade in the garden        
Golden Elm (Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens)                    
   A very impressive shade tree with eye-catching golden foliage                    
Chinese Tallow (Sapium sebiferum)                    
  A small tree 8-10m. Hardy, a tree that will adapt to most conditions. Lovely as a feature                    
London Plane Tree (Platanus x hispanica)                
  A large deciduous shade tree with attractive lobed leaves and mottled bark.    
  Tolerates a range of conditons        
Manchurian Pear (Pyrus ussuriensis)                  
  Medium sized deciduous tree with bright green heart shaped leaves turning shades of red and gold in autumn.
  Early spring masses of single white blooms appear, ideal shade tree for gardens parks and farms. 15m x 15m
Moptop (Robinia 'Umbraculifera')                
  This standard plant has a dense, rounded head of fine branches bearing fern-like foliage.  
  Thornless, a stylish addition to formal gardens, avenue planting and containers.    
Liquidambar  (Liquidambar styraciflua)                    
  A large, fast growing deciduous tree which displays spectacular autumn colour. A hardy shade tree                    
Silver Birch (Betula alba)                  
  Attractive deciduous tree with slender while trunk that has dark markings towards the base.  
  Drooping branchlets with serrated leaves that become yellow in Autumn.    
Weeping Cherry (Prunus subhirtella)      
  This weeping tree has a lovely soft appearance with single pink flowers. For a striking affect  planting in pairs is strongly recommended.                     
Weeping Mulberry   (Morus alba 'Pendula')                
  Beautiful feature tree single, paired or in rows.          
  Sweet mulberries may be white or more usually ripen throught to red to black around December.
Evergreen Poplar    (Populus deltoides X nigra"chilensis")
  A semi evergreen poplar which is very fast growing. The crown thins out during winter as attractive new growth forms

  ACER -   Maples
    Sapium sebiferum- Chinese Tallow
    Ulmus parvifolia- Chinese Elm
    Vitis vinifera- Ornamental Grape
    Wisteria floibunda- Japanese wisteria
    Wisteria venusta "Shiro Kapitan"