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Lani Weston

Previous to working at Gumtree Nursery Lani was employed with Conservation Volunteers Australia. In her role as team leader she worked with volunteers, land owners and government departments to plant trees, implement weed control strategies and improve ecosystems through bush regeneration. With a degree in Biology and Ecology combined with many years of practical experience she may be able to offer a different perspective of your garden. Lani is passionate about conservation and promoting community involvement in local environmental issues.



Greg Wilkes

With a degree in horticulture and industry experience in nursery work, green keeping and agriculture both here in Australia and abroad Greg has extensive knowledge of most things horticulture. Having grown up in the Young district Greg has a true, first hand understanding of the landscape, climate, environmental and agricultural issues facing gardeners, land owners and environmental managers locally. Greg is an avid believer of permaculture principles and takes a wholistic approach to land management and gardening practises. He is creative with and dedicated to The Gumtree Nursery and the gardens he manages.